Intimacy & Desire: Awaken The Passion In Your Relationship
by Dr. David Schnarch                          



Table of Contents                   


Part One: Why Normal People Have Sexual Desire Problems

Chapter 1: There Is Always a Low Desire Partner and the Low Desire Partner Always Controls Sex

Chapter 2: Since Your “Self” Showed up, Sexual Desire Hasn’t Been the Same.

Chapter 3: The Low Desire Partner Usually Controls The High Desire Partner’s Adequacy


Part Two: How We Co-Evolve Through Sexual Desire ProblemsIntimacy & Desire

Chapter 4: Sexual Desire Problems Teach You to Hold On To Yourself

Chapter 5: Intimacy Shapes Your Sexual Desire

Chapter 6: You Have To Change Desire From Martyrdom to Freedom

Chapter 7: Desire Fades When You Stop Growing


Part Three: Sexual Desire Problems: How Your Personal Life Fits In

Chapter 8: Wanting, Not Wanting to Want, and Two-Choice Dilemmas

Chapter 9: Normal Marital Sadism, The Devil’s Pact and Other Dark Stuff

Chapter 10: What Does It Take To Really Change Things: Safety, Growth, and Critical Mass


Part Four: Using Your Body, Rewiring Your Brain, and Co-Evolving in Bed

Chapter 11: A Collaborative Alliance Is More Important Than Perfect Technique         

Chapter 12: Overcome Ticklishness and Create Peace 

Chapter 13: Tender Loving Sex

Chapter 14: Blow Your Mind!

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