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David Schnarch
Paul, the Sex Machine
All Results Reported are True

These videos report the results of over 18,000 people
who participated in the ongoing 4 year study on our web site.

Because the results are presented by Paul, the Sex Machine,
with a great sense of humor, some viewers don't realize the statistics are factual.

  This information provides a realistic picture of sex in ongoing relationships. It differs from what most of us think is happening in other people's bedrooms--and what's suppose to be happening in our own relationship.

Our study is continuing, and you can participate too.
Afterwards you can look at charts of all our results.
We'd love to have your responses.

The Story Behind

Crucible Institute
"Public Service Announcements"


What is this about?

These Public Service Announcements are the Crucible Institute's attempt to educate the general public about the realities of sexual relationships. There are over a dozen PSAs in our initial series. Each PSA addresses a different question in our ongoing relationship research conducted through this web site.

Who is this for?

Crucible Public Service Announcements are designed to educate the average person about sexual realities in an interesting and engaging way. The commentary explains the significance of our research findings in practical terms that are relevant to adults of all ages.

Recently we've been showing these videos in our workshops for marriage and family therapists, and the strength of their response surprized us. Everyone loves these videos. Many therapists need our information (and the perspective it provides) in their own personal relationships as well as their professional work. Taken as a whole, these results support many tenets of the Crucible Approach.

Who is Paul, the Sex Machine?

People really like these Public Service Announcements. But everybody LOVES Paul, the Sex Machine. Paul is the newest member of the Crucible Institute staff, and our spokesperson in the PSAs. Besides explaining the significance of our research findings, Paul provides a unique perspective on human sexuality and comments on the way people expect  to be sex machines like him.

Given Paul's enthusiastic reception, we're thinking of letting him display more personality. The truth is Paul is ambivalent about being a sex machine. It's not all it's cracked up to be, even for him. 

How can you help?

Help us make these PSAs "go viral." Send the video links to your friends, family, and colleagues. Clicking on the "send to friend " button will provide an easy way to do this. Spread the word and make the world a better place to fall in love.


Public Service Announcement #1: Do you have a sexless relationship?

 How would you characterize your relationship? Is it robust, erotic and passionate? Is your sex life alive and well? Or is it more asleep and needing a wake-up call? Is it completely dead or comatose and in danger of dying? These research findings take common expectations and stand them on their head. Wonder what happening--or not happening--in other people's bedrooms? Watching this video will fill you in!




Public Service Announcement #2: How often do you kiss when you have sex?

If you stop and think about couples forming sexual relationships, you probably envision them kissing. It's romantic to kiss, it's where sexual relationships start and sexual encounters begin.  We tend to take kissing for granted as part of sex in emotionally commited relationshisp. Hookers generally draw the line with their Johns--no kissing! So wouldn't you think couples in onging sexual relationships would be smooching it up? And if they didn't, wouldn't they'd stop having sex too? Turns out couples aren't doing their fair share of kissing, according to common expectations.